Broken defaults

Lukast dev at
Tue Jun 28 20:30:44 CEST 2011

> If you absolutely want the backward compatibility you need to take care
> of this
> by yourself :D.

I don't need to take care of that :) If you introduce new feature
and kill some, partially broken feature, you are responsible
for the legacy support.

> Alternatively I would suggest in the 2.4 release we let the users know
> that the smudge brush is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.
> Then they have time for a whole release cycle to convert their presets.

I support this alternative ;-) Nice solution with less effort.

> It's compilable. The whole calligra suite is so huge thats a real pain
> to do a fresh compile. Even with a fast computer and just krita enabled
> it takes painfully long. I think we should reduce where we can and don't
> carry
> a lot of dead corpses along our way :D.

Chalk is not dead corpse unless you fix it after API change ;)
For me it's some guard of simple brush that always works.

> Thats why I would like to remove at least the stuff thats not in use.

Good point.

>  I mean it's just my opinion. I won't start to cry if we keep it :D

I would. Please, leave my chalk there. I would not cry
if more people would complain.

> Thats not a bug. The filter and the deform brush don't work with
> blending modes

Deform does, I don't know about filter.

> so this option gets disabled. But the experiment brush would work with other
> modes except "normal" I guess. You only have to add the KisCompositeOpOption
> in the settings widget. Or I can do it, if you want :).

Please, would you do that?

I think it would be nice rule:
I introduced API change => I have to fix all the dependant code.

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