Broken defaults

Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Tue Jun 28 17:52:07 CEST 2011

On 06/26/2011 11:21 PM, Lukast dev wrote:
> I will, but did you tested and worked on the backward compatibility
> with smudge presets 2.3? It's important as the brush was released as
> "stable". If it would be "Experimental" category, it might be less strict.
Sorry, No backward compatibility for the smudge brush.
I mean it would of course be possible somehow but in my POV it
wouldn't be worth the effort.
We would have to make it possible that a preset for the smudge PaintOp
would load for the Color Smudge PaintOp. This looks like a hack for me.
I would just remove it. And even if the brush was marked as stable I
don't think its this important to keep backward compatibility for this 
It didn't work correctly, so I think it wasn't in use so much and the
smudge brush only has 5 options where two of them don't have any effect
(the "darken" and the "opacity" option).
If you absolutely want the backward compatibility you need to take care 
of this
by yourself :D.

Alternatively I would suggest in the 2.4 release we let the users know
that the smudge brush is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.
Then they have time for a whole release cycle to convert their presets.

But I really prefer to just remove it :P
>> And I think the chalk brush can be removed.
> Chalk brush was not released with 2.3,
> it's compilation is turned off before the release.
>> With all the features in the pixel brush, the chalk brush
>> is pretty useless :)
> I use it as fast way to prototype new brushes,
> so I want to have the code around and I want developers to fix compilation
> when they change API and stuff --I want to have it compilable.
Yes thats exactly what I meant.
It's compilable. The whole calligra suite is so huge thats a real pain
to do a fresh compile. Even with a fast computer and just krita enabled
it takes painfully long. I think we should reduce where we can and don't 
a lot of dead corpses along our way :D.
And it needs maintenance. Honestly It will become more and more a nightmare
to maintain the brush and paintop stuff. With all the brushes and 
paintop options
It's hard enough if someone needs to make some changes in the 
Thats why I would like to remove at least the stuff thats not in use.
  I mean it's just my opinion. I won't start to cry if we keep it :D
> It's nice example of simple brush -- just copy the dir and start
> a new brush, that's my workflow.
> Btw would you please fix some other paintops as I can't change
> the blending mode with them (e.g. filter, deform, experimental)
Thats not a bug. The filter and the deform brush don't work with 
blending modes
so this option gets disabled. But the experiment brush would work with other
modes except "normal" I guess. You only have to add the KisCompositeOpOption
in the settings widget. Or I can do it, if you want :).
> I don't like the behaviour, that when I select blending mode
> Multiply and then I change the brush, the blending mode is set to Normal.
> I want to be able to continue with Multiply if I did not save the
> blending mode in the
> preset. Or I should always create presets with blending mode? What do
> you think?
> If it is better for me to create presets with blending mode, I will
> try to adopt :) but is
> it better workflow?
Yes I think we should go for Davids proposed solution :)

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