Blending modes locking/unlocking ( new topic from 'Broken defaults' thread )

David REVOY davidrevoy at
Mon Jun 27 06:25:03 CEST 2011

> I don't like the behaviour, that when I select blending mode
> Multiply and then I change the brush, the blending mode is set to Normal.
> I want to be able to continue with Multiply if I did not save the
> blending mode in the
> preset. Or I should always create presets with blending mode? What do
> you think?
> If it is better for me to create presets with blending mode, I will
> try to adopt:)  but is
> it better workflow?
I prefer the actual behavior than the previous, but I also admit the 
previous got advantages in some situations of painting.
I propose this 
Feel ,free to comment about.
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