Broken defaults

Lukast dev at
Sun Jun 26 23:21:49 CEST 2011

> Btw, as you are cleaning up stuff right now...
> Could you remove the smudge brush as well?

I will, but did you tested and worked on the backward compatibility
with smudge presets 2.3? It's important as the brush was released as
"stable". If it would be "Experimental" category, it might be less strict.

> And I think the chalk brush can be removed.

Chalk brush was not released with 2.3,
it's compilation is turned off before the release.

> With all the features in the pixel brush, the chalk brush
> is pretty useless :)

I use it as fast way to prototype new brushes,
so I want to have the code around and I want developers to fix compilation
when they change API and stuff --I want to have it compilable.

It's nice example of simple brush -- just copy the dir and start
a new brush, that's my workflow.

Btw would you please fix some other paintops as I can't change
the blending mode with them (e.g. filter, deform, experimental)

I don't like the behaviour, that when I select blending mode
Multiply and then I change the brush, the blending mode is set to Normal.
I want to be able to continue with Multiply if I did not save the
blending mode in the
preset. Or I should always create presets with blending mode? What do
you think?
If it is better for me to create presets with blending mode, I will
try to adopt :) but is
it better workflow?

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