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Silvio Grosso grossosilvio at
Sat Jun 18 13:51:43 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

> Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> The difference between save, save as and export has been bugging me for
> many years, at least since 2006. For gimp, it was the topic of a huge
> interaction design effort, but users seem only partially happy with the
> results. 

Good point indeed.
This change, done by the Gimp's team [1], in particular by Martin Nordholts,
if my memory serves me right, has been a bit "controversial" :-)
With Gimp 2.8:
- the option save: is used to save an existing image without changing its
- the option "export", on the contrary, is used to change its format (e.g
from xcf to jpg etc).

This being said, in my honest opinion:
1.  It is really difficult to satisfy every user: there will be always
someone who complains;
2.  It is vital to decide to whom your software is geared. 
In short, if you intend your software used mostly by power-users, in my
view, there are less problems.
Usually, they like to experiment and they are not "fixed" with certain
3.  It would be very beneficial to have an user manual where all these
different options are explained in depth. 
Unfortunately, it is an often proven fact that "common" users don't read the
documentation :-)
They have no time to do so or they are just too lazy for spending their time
in such trivial things :-) :-)
Luckilly, the upcoming Dvd of Animtim [2] is an excellent step forward to
try to solve this glitch :-)
4. A very powerful sofware (e.g. Blender) is, most of the time, a
complicated software.
In short, nobody forces you to learn it. But, whenever  you decide to give
it a try, you are asked to spend your precious time on it.
In essence, it is also a form of respect towards the developers (who have
spent  so much of their spare time in trying to improve it).

P.s: it is *truly* a pleasure to read about these "problems".
When you have so many new options in krita 2.4 it means you are achieving a
Even though you don't know at first hand how to handle them :-)

Best regards,


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