Suggestions for a shortcut for Save Incremental Version

JL VT pentalis at
Fri Jun 17 20:07:22 CEST 2011

I recently added a new feature to Krita, reachable at the Save
Incremental Version entry in the File menu.

--When clicked, a file called is saved as
--If the file was already called, it is saved as, and so on.
--If a file with the new name already exists, a letter is added to the
incremental version, for example, Incrementations
preserve this letter, for example the next save incremental will save
it as
--If the user manually used an incremental version scheme between 2
and 4 numbers, for example or, it will be
respected, saving a and file respectively.
--The command will never ask the user to confirm to save a file (it is
meant to save time), and by the principle of least surprise, it will
also never overwrite an already-existing file.
--If the algorithm reaches its end searching for alternative names
(exhausts options going all the way up to a "z" letter, as in, it will show the user an error asking to save the file
manually with an adequate name).

The question I have is:

What would be a good default shortcut for this feature?,

since it's a feature meant to save time, it should have a default
shortcut. But I'm actually completely unfamiliar with the shortcuts we
use and I think artists have a better idea of what would be good.

I also CC'd Calligra-devel to inform them of the feature and hopefully
catch a couple suggestions (also, if there's interest to make Save
Incremental Version Calligra-wide, it's not hard to relocate).

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