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Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Fri Jun 10 22:08:46 CEST 2011

On 06/09/2011 03:30 PM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>> -  The global opacity slider seams to be a real *opacity* parameters ;
>> used for global compositing of the end result stroke.
>> ex :  ( ,
>> This 2 parameters , (advanced)  Artist understand it, and it's useful.  )
>> [2] the 2 'painting modes' mess
>> In Krita actually there is "2 modes" that wan be a bit obscure .
>> - In 'Build up' , the 2 opacity sliders  behave for one as a "flow" ,
>> and other (global one ) as "opacity". Fine.
>>      "Build up" looks like what I know from Gimp and Photoshop. The
>> behavior is predictable.
>> - In 'Wash' , the 2 opacity sliders are just an indentation of the same
>> effect setting ; and there is a weird effect only Krita has ;
>> a weird alpha self collision with the previous alpha of the previous dab
>> : (
>> )
>>       Wash mode was useful for me when I couldn't save the 'global
>> opacity' slider of a brush preset ; at this time, this 2 painting modes
>> acted as a switch between 'per dab opacity' and ' global opacity'. But
>> now I can save the 'global opacity' in build up ; wash mode became obsolete.
> Oh good! Then we can _remove_ an option :-). I think our preset editor was getting a bit too crowded in places :-)
> We had wash because the strokes were always too dark, back in the 1.6 days. Bart Coppens implemented this separation, I seem to remember. It's not quite the same as Gimp's direct and indirect painting mode, but it was meant to make sure you could, in one stroke, repeatedly go over the same area without making the result darker.
Ok I've implemented it right now.
Please check it out :D (the others too of course).
Photoshop actually only works with indirect painting.
I agree that we should remove the "Painting Mode" option from the brushes.
Internally we need the distinguishing between direct and indirect 
painting of course.
But we don't need it in the UI anymore.
The Photoshop way is actually pretty smart. It behaves like if you would 
blend between
"build up" and "wash" mode.

The brushes that work only in direct painting mode don't have the 
"Painting Mode" option anyway
and for the brushes that have this option we should set the painting 
mode fixed to indirect.

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