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Thu Jun 9 16:35:28 CEST 2011

On 06/08/2011 06:50 AM, David REVOY wrote:
> Yes I was confused by Krita naming and options but reading this 
> discution, I can understand more where is the problem now  (I guess )
> 2 big topic are confusing for my user experience with Krita :
> [1] the 2 opacity sliders mess :
> -  The opacity in the preset editor seams to be in fact a bad named 
> *flow* parameters ; other software use this label name for 'opacity 
> per dab' or 'opacity per brushmask' .
> -  The global opacity slider seams to be a real *opacity* parameters ; 
> used for global compositing of the end result stroke.
> ex :  ( , 
> This 2 parameters , (advanced)  Artist understand it, and it's useful.  )
> [2] the 2 'painting modes' mess
> In Krita actually there is "2 modes" that wan be a bit obscure .
> - In 'Build up' , the 2 opacity sliders  behave for one as a "flow" , 
> and other (global one ) as "opacity". Fine.
>    "Build up" looks like what I know from Gimp and Photoshop. The 
> behavior is predictable.
> - In 'Wash' , the 2 opacity sliders are just an indentation of the 
> same effect setting ; and there is a weird effect only Krita has ;
> a weird alpha self collision with the previous alpha of the previous 
> dab : ( 
> )
>     Wash mode was useful for me when I couldn't save the 'global 
> opacity' slider of a brush preset ; at this time, this 2 painting 
> modes acted as a switch between 'per dab opacity' and ' global 
> opacity'. But now I can save the 'global opacity' in build up ; wash 
> mode became obsolet.
> [X] So, Solution proposed :
> 1) Name the "opacity in the preset editor" category 'Flow'
> 2) Include the "global opacity" as a new categorie in the preset 
> editor, acting as "opacity"
> 3) This will result of a remove of 'Wash' mode to keep only "Build up" 
> ; and so removing the choice and option.
> 4) add 2 sliders on the top toolbar option : "opacity" and "flow" sync 
> with the preset editor as in Gimp and Photoshop  ( 
> )
Well... no krita has no flow implementation. Not before my changes and 
not after them :D.
I think the Wash mode was meant to have the same behavior as photoshop 
flow, but it isn't quit the same.
I have a photoshop on my win installation and currently figuring out how 
this works.
I of course know how it works in theory but there are some 
implementation details I'm currently
struggling with.

Anyway... if/when the flow implementation ever will work (:P)
We should of course add another option for the flow.
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