Branch krita-ui_improvements-silvioheinrich

Lukast dev at
Thu Jun 9 15:44:01 CEST 2011

> So basically, Silvio implemented "flow" without know?

I'm not sure about this.
Here it is explained quite nicely

> Oh good! Then we can _remove_ an option :-). I think our preset editor was getting a bit too crowded in places :-)

When you remove it, don't forget to be backward compatible with Krita
2.3 presets ;)

>> [X] So, Solution proposed :
>> 1) Name the "opacity in the preset editor" category 'Flow'
>> 2) Include the "global opacity" as a new categorie in the preset editor,
>> acting as "opacity"
>> 3) This will result of a remove of 'Wash' mode to keep only "Build up" ;
>> and so removing the choice and option.
>> 4) add 2 sliders on the top toolbar option : "opacity" and "flow" sync
>> with the preset editor as in Gimp and Photoshop  (
>> )
> Sounds like a good plan to me -- do others agree?

I need some time to think about it, I will respond on Saturday

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