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Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Tue Jun 7 17:53:19 CEST 2011

On 06/07/2011 05:14 PM, Lukast dev wrote:
>> I'm not against the idea to remove the opacity checkbox, but it may have
>> less consistency with the other option, unless you do the same for the other
>> brush option lines
>> (and I think this could work for most of them, the "use curve" replacing it
>> in some way… only the Color option lines maybe still needs to be activated
>> or not, so need checkbox).
>> By the way looks like the "Mirror" option in the brush settings doesn't work
>> (I can activate it, activate horizontal and/or vertical in it, but it
>> doesn't affect the top toolbar shorcuts and so doesn't activate the
>> mirroring).
> Be careful, mirror option in brush editor is there for possible
> compatibility with Photoshop presets and it's role is to mirror the
> brush mask, not the stroke as the mirror option in the toolbar.
> My opinion about the opacity slider in toolbar and blending modes
> saving in presets
> is that I would create new brush editor option with check boxes like
> [x] Include global opacity in preset
> [x] Include global composite mode
> [x] Include mirroring
> I would not conntect opacity option with global opacity.
> Opacity in the toolbar is shared also for tools
> that does not use the presets like Gradient tool etc.
> It is tool attribute, not tool-that-uses-presets-attribute .
I think we had this discussion last week, no? :P
It's really not a good Idea to save global settings into a preset.
This breaks the UI logic. From a users point of view it would be impossible
to say what option will be saved to a preset. There is no visible indication
(krita could save it's whole preferences into a preset).
As it is right now, the user knows that everything what is in the preset 
will be saved to the preset and nothing else.
But you are right with the opacity for tools like the gradient tool.
I would suggest two solutions for this.

1. When such a tool is selected the opacity slider and the blending mode box
will set the global opacity and compositeOp
and the preset editor and the preset chooser will be disabled to indicate
that this tool doesn't work with presets.

2. Add an opacity slider and a blending mode ComboBox to the tool options
for the tools that work with this options

I would actually favorite the first one :)

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