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Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Tue Jun 7 13:21:21 CEST 2011

On 06/07/2011 11:44 AM, Timothée Giet wrote:
> The problem is actually if you want a Pixel brush with a fixed opacity 
> (no sensors) different from 100 you can't easily,
> as to lower the global opacity you need to activate a sensor on it. So 
> of course I can always tweak a pressure curve to get it flat,
> but it's all but user friendly.
> I think we need to can activate the Opacity setting but without any 
> sensors selected on it (as currently always at least one sensor is 
> activated)
No, that isn't true :P
I took care of this at the krita sprint where Lukas committed my changes.
Look again in the opacity settings. There is a checkbox with the label 
"use curve". If you disable it,
no sensor will be used.
But ok... It's not obvious enough. The "use curve" checkbox should also 
disable the sensor list and the curve widget visually
(make it gray and prevent the user from changing anything).

> Another thing, about the Blending modes lists I'd like:
> -that the 3 places with blending modes list share which ones are 
> hidden are not (there is the list on the layer box, the one on the top 
> bar shortcuts and the one in the preset editor)
> -that the software remember my settings on this (so I don't need to 
> hide those I want hidden each time I launch Krita)
Yes I know :/
But I'm struggling a bit with this.
I don't really know what I should use or where I should save the 
settings (internally from a coding point of view).
The list isn't finished yet anyway (but it's better as the previous one).
The blending modes (and categories) need to be sorted too... so that 
more important modes and categories are higher
in the list. And a category for favorite modes I want to add too.

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