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Tue Jun 7 11:44:03 CEST 2011

The problem is actually if you want a Pixel brush with a fixed opacity (no
sensors) different from 100 you can't easily,
as to lower the global opacity you need to activate a sensor on it. So of
course I can always tweak a pressure curve to get it flat,
but it's all but user friendly.
I think we need to can activate the Opacity setting but without any sensors
selected on it (as currently always at least one sensor is activated)

Another thing, about the Blending modes lists I'd like:
-that the 3 places with blending modes list share which ones are hidden are
not (there is the list on the layer box, the one on the top bar shortcuts
and the one in the preset editor)
-that the software remember my settings on this (so I don't need to hide
those I want hidden each time I launch Krita)

2011/6/7 Silvio Heinrich <plassy at>

>  Ok, you should really see the options in the toolbar now as shortcuts to
> the options in the preset editor.
> They reflect the state in the preset editor.
> On 06/06/2011 11:53 PM, Timothée Giet wrote:
> And for the composite box as said Silvio only Pixel brush and Color-Smudge
> engines have the feature implemented, so it may be the problem
> Yes I still need to add the blending mode option to the other brushes.
> 2011/6/6 Timothée Giet <animtim at>
>> For the opacity slider I noticed that too, it's just that the opacity
>> setting in the current preset must be checked,
>> if not the slider is inactive (I'd like to have slider change to activate
>> the opacity setting if it's not already)
>  If you disable the opacity setting in the preset editor, I find it only
> logical to disable the opacity slider in the toolbar.
> If you disable the option, you cannot change the opacity anyway... why
> should you be able to move the slider then?
> And why should the slider enable the opacity setting? If you disabled it in
> the first place you don't want to change the opacity
> anyway. If you want to change the opacity again you can simply turn on the
> option.... no?
> The same with the blending mode option.
> If the coder of a PaintOp thinks that his/her brush doesn't work with
> blending modes, the blending mode option will simply be excluded and the
> user isn't able to
> change the blending mode anymore.
> For example the smudge brush (ok this will be removed anyway :D), the
> deform brush and the filter brush don't work with blending modes.
> The filter brush doesn't even has an opacity option! :D
> And for the other PaintOps I will add the blending mode option of course.
>    2011/6/6 Boudewijn Rempt <boud at>
>>> On Sunday 05 June 2011 Jun, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>>> > On Saturday 04 June 2011 Jun, Silvio Heinrich wrote:
>>> > > Ok, if no serious problems will pop up, I will merge the branch
>>> tomorrow.
>>> > > I really want to have it merged fast to avoid a lot of conflicts.
>>> > > But just say if I'm too fast :D. I can wait longer if you want to
>>> test
>>> > > it more :)
>>> >
>>> > From the sound of it, it looks like you can merge today :-)
>>> >
>>> >
>>>  Hm... Two remarks:
>>> * the listview with the paintop options isn't always the same scale. if
>>> there's a paintop with no checkable options, like grid brush, it's a lot
>>> smaller. I think it should always be the same size
>>    Yes... the height of one cell is atm the maximum height of all the
> cells. Maybe we should just set it to a fixed size... but I don't know if
> this would still work when
> people have fancy GUI skins and font settings...
> But was this different before my changes?
>>> * I must have missed something important, because now with many brushes
>>> (like the grid brush), the opacity slider in the toolbar is disabled. Is
>>> that intentional -- and how do I set the opacity for those bruses?
>>    It's all intentional, please see my explanations above :P
> If it's only bugging you that with many brushes the opacity slider is
> disabled by default, then we should just change the default
> preset so that the opacity option is enabled by default.
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