Call for ideas: requirements for Krita tool actions system

Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Sun Jun 5 14:22:02 CEST 2011

On 06/05/2011 01:40 PM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> On Sunday 05 June 2011 Jun, Dmitry Kazakov wrote:
>> 12) On some modifiers, like Ctrl and Space, the current tool shoud be
>> switched to another one temporarily, like to Color Picker Tool and Pan Tool.
> We did that before, but the users didn't like it because the option widget changed. I think that we should have two kinds of tools: normal, and temporary, where the temporary tool only changes the cursor but not the option widget.
> When should we move back to the first tool? On release of shortcut, or on pressing another key? We had the p->pan, b->back to freehand shortcuts, but users didn't like those.
We should move back when releasing the shortcut keys.
I don't know if it really matters if the tool option widget will change 
because when releasing the shortcut keys the options
should change back anyway...

>> 13) Canvas rotation should be accessible from all the tools.
>> 14) The tool's stroke and decorations should be cancelled on pressing Esc.
>> 15) Mouse Wheel should do Pan/Zoom in all the tools.
> Maybe we can implement that in the canvas, instead of in the tools?
Pan, zoom and rotation are implemented in the canvas but there should be 
3 separate tools to access this functionality
so that users can see right after starting krita the first time what it 
is able to do.
Later they will use shortcuts anyway but at the first steps with krita 
it's nice to have an overview.
And we would have a logical, consistent system.

to 15) The mouse wheel really should be freely configurable (with an 
option in the preferences) if you want to assign
it to pan, zoom or rotation (rotation would be really great for the 
Intuos4 owners... I think you saw the touch rings on the boards :D ).
And yes it should work no matter what tool is selected.

Great that the tool stuff gets already started :D
If it works out well it would be a big improvement in usability.

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