Basic Idea and implementation details of Tagging - Need Suggestions from all.

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>  *Hi krita developers,*
>  This is the idea of tagging implementation in krita. Look at it once and
> correct me if I'm wrong .
>  *What is Tagging ?*
>  Tagging means adding some tags to the resources in krita and call them
> according to your use. In Tagging, there are three main functions
>  1). Adding a Tag – here, we will create a tag and add it to the resource.
>  2). Deleting a Tag – we can delete a tag for resource.
>  3). Search for resource – By using tags, we can search for resources which
> contains particular resource.
>  *How we are implementing ?*
>  *1. UI Description*
>  In the UI, we thought of placing a text field and three radio buttons for
> adding, deleting and searching. How UI works for three functions is
> described below
I think from the user point of view adding and removing tags is very
similar. In both cases it's just editing a list, so I think that could be in
the same interface. We should try to keep it as small as possible as it has
to fit into the preset docker and possibly also other widgets. The filter
functionality shouldn't just look for tags, but also search in filename like
it's now.

I think it could the a good idea to follow the Gimp interface with one
lineedit for filter at the top and another for adding tags at the bottom.
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