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Just submitted
related to your branch changes I think ;)

2011/6/4 Timothée Giet <animtim at>

> I'm trying your branch: very nice!
> Here the stylus and eraser are well separated, I can set different preset
> of the same brush or different brushes to each, it works right. (Ubuntu
> 10.10, default QT and wacom driver) ; just notice the first time you use the
> eraser, the stylus preset is mapped to it until you select a different one,
> so a few seconds I though it had the same ID…
> I agree with Sven's comment about the arrow pointing right when collapsed,
> and confirm the preset doesn't appear selected after clicking on it in the
> preset chooser.
> Good work!
> 2011/6/4 Silvio Heinrich <plassy at>
>> I replaced the blending modes ComboBox with a new one. It's not
>> completely finished yes
>> but now you can collapse and expand the categories.
>> I also created a new options for the preset editor to select a blending
>> mode.
>> This option is only available for the pixel brush and the color smudge
>> brush right now
>> but I will add it to the other PaintOps later.
>> And the opacity slider and the blending mode ComboBox in the toolbar are
>> now
>> Shortcuts to the settings in the preset editor.
>> That means when changing the opaity slider in the toolbar, the slider in
>> the preset editor will update too
>> and vice versa.
>> I also fixed... or better reimplemented the tool ID stuff.
>> You know... the Intuos pens all have a unique tool ID that can be used
>> to associate a
>> preset to a pen.
>> When you use an other pen, the preset should switch.
>> This should work now (with the eraser too... the eraser is now seen as
>> having an own ID).
>> This needs a bit of testing so I can be sure that I didn't break
>> anything serious :P
>> David and Timothee: It would be nice if you guys could have a look if
>> you have some time :D
>> You need to merge the branch krita-ui_improvements-silvioheinrich
>> yourself.
>> I don't know how much you know about git... but you simply need to type
>> git merge origin/krita-ui_improvements-silvioheinrich
>> if you want it in a separate branch to not mess up your master branch do:
>> git checkout master
>> git checkout -b NameOfYourNewBranch
>> git merge origin/krita-ui_improvements-silvioheinrich
>> and then compile :)
>> For the developers:
>> It would be nice if you could stay away from the ui/kis_paintop_box.*
>> files until I merged the branch
>> to master because I've rewritten 1/2 - 3/4 of the whole code and
>> resolving a conflict with code
>> based on the old kis_paintop_box files wouldn't be this much fun :P
>> And The last thing I would like to ask for:
>> The tool ID stuff should work but right now I cannot test it properly
>> because Qt seems
>> to not sent the unique id of the input devices (QTabletEvent::uniqueid()
>> is always 0).
>> I really believe that this was working in previous Qt versions (have 4.6
>> right now).
>> I would like to know if this is really broken in mainline Qt. Maybe it's
>> again just broken in
>> the Qt version shipped by kubuntu. I mean you have better connections to
>> the Qt guys...
>> maybe someone could ask :)
>> Maybe it's already fixed in 4.7...
>> Thx
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