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Mon Aug 15 16:08:28 UTC 2011

Hi all,

      Regarding to Sketch Book Tagging, I am writing this mail . . .
 ( Sketchbook tagging is something like loading a profile, where all the
tools and resources that belong to the profile tag is updated and set to
have higher priority among resources. )

    We already discussed about this in the previous mails and from them,
what I get to know is that sketch book tagging is some thing like Master tag
selector,which is integrated with the workspace system. And The work space
is associated with a set of tags, and those tags are used as the default
filter for all resources.

  But at present, a workspace resource is the one which contains the
information of dockers, that are need to present in the main window. For
creating a new workspace resource, we need to take the information (like
visibilty, position ) of dockers. This information is given by the functions
of the QMainwindow class. In the QMainwindow class, I cant find any
functions which give docker status ( like type of resources present ).

      In order to get the status of the docker and saved them to workspace
resource, we did the following way

*Saving the Workspace resource :*

->  Whenever a new workspace resource is saved, we will call a function
saveDockerStatus() of canvas class.

    The saveDockerStatus() will emit a  signal "sigSaveDockerStatus" . on
the emission of the signal "sigSaveDockerStatus", all the dockers will send
the data (like tags need to store and id of docker ) to the canvas class.
This data from all the dockers are saved in QHash object. This QhashObject
is send to workspace resource.

-> The recieved QHashobject is stored in the XML file.

*Restoring the Workspace resource:*

-> While loading the workspace resource, we will call a function
restoreDockerStatus(QHash object) of canvas class

      restoreDockerStatus() will take the QhashObject from the workspace
file and store in the canvas class. Then, it emits the signal
. On emission of this signal, all the dockers will get the information using
the dockerid from the QHashobject and show these changes in the docker.

 With this way, we can store the type of workspace we like and restore them,
when we want . . .

All this functionality is implemented and presently added to the preset
docker only. this is the commit

 Now, I need your suggestions whether it is working the same way ? Or any
suggestios to improve it ?

 If it is working in the correct, I will add this to all other dockers

Srikanth Tiyyagura
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