State of the release at
Fri Sep 24 10:57:40 CEST 2010

>         114 - krita-libbrush-KisAutobrushTest (Failed)
I did not have time to look at this one, but I think we just could add 
except_fail for the brush mask test.

Fade 1.0 is now different and according the discussion with Cyrille it is ok, 
Still it should be possible to go back in time when the test was created and 
check if we painted aliased edges and what caused the problem.

Then there is problem with the size of the mask when rotated.
I did not explore what to do with that one

>         138 - krita-benchmarks-KisStrokeBenchmark (Failed)

Somebody just needs to make new presets for merged brush engines
> * not releasable yet, but apart from some more tips the 1st-run image
> should do a nice job.

My feeling from the first run image is little mixed feeling.
I think we might make it work different. I like much more
how Inkscape is doing it. Help -> Tutorial -> "How to start tutorial" (First 
run image). What are your opinions?

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