State of the release

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Thu Sep 23 22:00:42 CEST 2010

Hi, just one of the semi-regular overviews of where we are for the release...


We're at 69 bugs now: 

1 critical
5 major
12 crashes

and quite a few nasties in the remaining bugs...


The following tests FAILED:
         19 - krita-image-KisFilterMaskTest (Failed)
         29 - krita-image-KisConvolutionPainterTest (Failed)
         49 - krita-image-KisAsyncMergerTest (Failed)
        114 - krita-libbrush-KisAutobrushTest (Failed)
        119 - krita-plugin-format-jpeg_test (Failed)
        124 - krita-plugin-format-xcf_test (Failed)
        138 - krita-benchmarks-KisStrokeBenchmark (Failed)


* not releasable yet, but apart from some more tips the 1st-run image should do a nice job.

Really Big Issues

* tool locking/queuing: I'm beginning to agree with Dmitry: we're having a situation here that is not just potentially destabilizing, but there are bugs in bko and it's something our users will lose work over. I'm beginning to think we need an emergency plan here.

* Creating a filter mask causes KisPaintDevices to be leaked for some reason. (I also need to do more memchecking on Krita, maybe this weekend).

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