Patch for smudge at
Wed Sep 22 19:04:09 CEST 2010


today I was working on bug
that is unsolved part of the major bug 217124.

I come up with something like you can see in the attachment.

The behaviour of the smudge is now different in that sense that now the 
transparency of the colors run out much faster. I don't know if we want that, 
that's why I want you to test the patch and get some feedback.

What to test before and after applying the patch.

1. Edit-> clear to have transparent layer
2. draw big red dot somewhere
3. smudge from red dot to transparent area in NORMAL mode
4. smudge from red dot to transparent area in COPY mode
5. smudge from transparent area to red dot in NORMAL mode
6. smudge from transparent area to red dot in COPY mode
7. Report back
8. Have some candies

What I did: Instead of changing the pixel transparency per pixel, I added 
opacity of the painter that is changed according the rate option.
It's not exactly the same thing that used to happen -- because you can notice 
that the opacity is raised per pixel when we bitBlit part of the layer data 
with copy painter.

It solves the problem of mixing transparent pixels to colours.

It has some blocky effect (also visible before) but that is not important now, 
I will be important when we decide to go this path.

Have you got ideas for different solution or what should I test?
I'm thinking about changing the opacity of the mask pixels maybe?
I did not managed to test it yet though.

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