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Thu Oct 28 20:15:58 CEST 2010

On Thursday 28 October 2010, Silvio Grosso wrote:
> Hi Cyrille,
> > Have you tried in krita the actions (macros)?
> For starters, I have just tried to open a jpeg image but Krita crashes as
> soon as I press the button open.

Can you mail me the jpeg image so I can check with trunk?

> I am working on Krita 2.3 (beta 2) on Kubuntu Maverick (KDE 4.5.1).
> I don't know whether this bug has already been fixed in the Krita Trunk
> version :-)

Me neither :-). We got a report of a crash of krita with a jpeg from a particular camera yesterday and I'm investigating that now, and I would like to try with your image as well.

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