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On Friday 22 October 2010, Silvio Grosso wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> David Revoy wrote:
> > Even if most this one makes not a lot of sense for 100% linux users, 
> they are standards
> When I have started using Gimp, I have had plenty of difficulties because of
> its shortcuts :-)
> For example, with Gimp the Ctr+D shortcut duplicates your image; with
> Photoshop it works as "Deselect" :-)
> In short, I do agree it is very difficult to satisfy every user :-)
> On top of that, I suppose Krita's shotcuts follows the other Koffice
> softwares shortcuts.
> This, in my honest opinion, doesn't make much sense because Krita is a
> really different piece of software compared to the other Koffice ones :-)
> Ctr+I, for instance, makes sense as Italic with an Office application (e.g.
> OpenOffice Writer has it as well) but for a graphical application it is
> probably better to use it for "invert selection".
> Naturally, the "problem" is to make up a new shortcut for the italic :-) :-)
> Maybe, starting with Krita 2.4, it would be great to have an option to add,
> e.g., Photoshop shortcuts into Krita.
> With Gimp, as everyone knows,  you can add a text file with all Photoshop's
> shortcuts [1].
> This might be useful to satisfy every user :-)

I really would like a way to have shortcut profiles in krita -- but that would a KDE-level feature, I think. Shortcuts are always giving trouble, and it's one place where Krita would be easier to develop if it were koffice-independent.

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