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Sun Oct 24 14:27:48 CEST 2010

On Sunday 24 October 2010, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> With Cyrille's commits today, our failing unittest count has dropped significantly. These still fail:
>          80 - krita-image-KisConvolutionPainterTest (Failed)
> I think this one is quite important: convolution is so very core to Krita that we need to be able to depend on it.
>         100 - krita-image-KisAsyncMergerTest (Failed)
> Dmitry: this has a really high priority. Can you focus on it?
>         165 - krita-libbrush-KisAutobrushTest (Failed)
>         189 - krita-benchmarks-KisStrokeBenchmark (Failed)
> These simply need new test data, I think: so should be easy to fix
>         170 - krita-plugin-format-jpeg_test (Failed)
> This needs to check which jpeg library is being used -- can we hack that in?

I forgot to add the list of major and crash bugs...

  255065    maj   dimula73 at   ASSI   Cannot add a filter (effect?) mask to a shape layer 
  254673    maj   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crashed after opening a tif image 
  233950    maj   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   some filter preview have glitches 
  245870    maj   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   Gaussian Blur filter preview is blocky, the edges of the image are blurred weirdly 
  243691    maj   pentalis at   ASSI   Krita freezes for a long time after selecting filter on big image 
  249343    cra   dimula73 at   ASSI   crash while closing krita in KisTileDataStore::~KisTileDataStore 
  251626    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Painting with spray brush when Krita crashed 
  252332    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crashes on start 
  253093    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crashes when resizing text object 
  253113    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   The Application crashed after i used "File>Save as". 
  253304    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Krita crash removing level 
  253835    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   crash at exit of Krita 
  254833    cra   krita-bugs-null at   UNCO   Transparency Mask 
  251645    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   crash when using move tool 
  252194    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   Crash in levels filter 
  252357    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   Crash in color adjustment curves 
  253644    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   crash when dragging a shape over a text shape 
  253739    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   assert when painting with bitmap brush at scale 2.0 
  254394    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   Crash on paintig with release build 
  254545    cra   krita-bugs-null at   NEW   Crash on changing layer visibility 
  252878    cra at   NEW   Crash when moving color selector window of filter brush "color to alpha" mode

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