UI Improvement to the brush dialog

LukasT.dev@gmail.com lukast.dev at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 14:07:34 CEST 2010


>For the people with poor imagination ;p

> Hi,
> I had like to discuss several possible improvement for the brush dialog.

I would like to.. for people with poor spelling/grammer ;p :-)
Anyway I'm kidding you :D
> 1) Add a multiplier combobox to some of the KisSliderSpinBox. It would be
> seen as a combobox (with choice like x0.1 x1 x2 x10...). The idea is that
> sometime I work with small brush diameters, and it is difficult to select
> with precision the diameter, so I would restrict the diameter range to
> 0->10, and add a 1x, 10x and 100x multiplier. Similary for the scale of
> predefined brush, for now, we have the range 0->2, David wants to increase
> the maximum value, personnally I have the oposite problem, I have big
> brushes (~1000x1000) and I sometime want to scale them more than 0.01 (or
> with greater precision), so there I would change the range to 0->1 and
> have x0.1 x1 and x10 as multiplier. We could also use the multiplier idea
> for spacing.

It seems to me from the mockup that it is element I don't like there. It eats 
space of course. Would about hiding this into Configuration dialog? I'm not 
sure how often you need to change from x1 -> x2 -> x10, but if it is not very 
common, configuration would solve the problem with eating space.
> 2) who knows what the value on the curves correspond too ? So we need axis
> legend. And rather than just values, I think we can be a little bit
> smarter. 

Yes, I already had that in my mind. Last time I was surprised about opacity. 
It is 0 till 100 when pressure is in 0.0 - 0.5 and then it is always 100 from 
0.5 - 1.0 as it is thresholded.

> For instance, for "size", I would indeed use values, 

maybe percents would be smart: like 200 % 

> but for
> "rotation" I would use icons showing the actual direction, either using
> arrows or a line on a circle, for the colors option I would take the
> current colors and show a gradient. 
> Opacity would be a gradient too.


> Not sure about mirror, I don't know what the curve does. 

If the pressure is in 0.0 - 0.5 , the mask is nor mirrored, if it is in 0.5 - 
1.0, it is mirrored. I was mapping Photoshop feature to sensor :)

> And for softness
> (why don't we use the same word for softness and fade ?) 

I don't know why it is called fade in Krita. Softness/hardness is common in 
painting apps, right?

> we could have a
> circle brush that represent both extremeties.

Not exactly sure, I would go for values here. It differs for softbrush 
mask/fade mask (a.k.a default)
> Same ideas for sensors legend, "pressure" would say "low pressure" / "high
> pressure" the angles would use the arrow icons mentioned above. For tilt we
> could show a pen and a paper with different angles. Not sure about time,
> distance, fade and fuzzy, maybe just use the values for them.

I don't know here. Sensor legend is different from curve legend, right?

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