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On Tue, 2 Mar 2010, Michael Thaler wrote:

> Hi,
> Hi,
> > Actually, it is the other way around, are they useful for painting work ?
> I don't think so. But these filters might be useful for creating images for web pages etc. If you only want to remove them to reduce the maintenance burden, I might be able to help. I wanted to do some work on Krita again, anyway (but I won't have a lot of time).

No, it's not just that: it's that these filters don't fit the vision of a
high-end painting application. Emboss has useful properties, which is probably
why Cyrille put a question mark next to them. Raindrops and oilpaint would be much 
nicer if implemented as brushes instead of filters, probably as part of the
deform brush. That way, the result will be dependent upon the artistic skill
of the user and different from artist to artist instead of mostly similar.

> > Boudewijn did such a port (but was it for Qt3), and we of course had the 1.6 
> > watercolor. But of course, doing the work oneself is better to learn. But it 
> > shall be noted that (and we discussed it last week end at the Krita sprint) 
> > that WetDreams push the simulation to far with the drying stuff.
> As far as I can remember, the results from WetDreams looked even better then what one can do with Corel Painter (well, I played 10 minutes with it, so I don't really know what's possible with Corel Painter).

The 1.6 watercolor color model was a direct port of Wet Dream, giving much the
same result.

> There is also an interesting thesis on how to simulate watercolor on the GPU:
> Unfortunately there are not many technical details in the thesis and I could neither find the application nor source code nor the contact information of the author.

That's the case for most of these academics. There are also interesting papers
on, and there's Tom van Laerhoven's work. But nobody
publishes source code!

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