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> Problem:
> 1.find correct names - both Brush Tip and and Spray shape are Particle
> types. How to call them?

Brush Tip and Spray Shape?

> 2. Small problem - hide spacing from GUI as spacing is not used by spray
> (similary for the hairy brush), spacing is not part of the brush mask
> definition used by particle based brush engines usually, spray has defined
> area with own spacing.

You can get the widget through the tree by checking its name (it needs to be 
named, of course) and then hide it. It's a bit hacky, we could also add api 
for that. But I'm fine with the hacky approach for now.

> This is interesting: it is possible to define the area of spray by pixel
> map - brush footprint - brush mask: every pixel means a place for particle
> and opacity of pixel is saying what is the probability that particle will
> hit that place (0% to 100%). So spray would use the brush dialog twice -
> as particle type [spacing hidden] and as brush size [with spacing].
> Something similar would be possible for hairy brush - so far Brush Tip
> define bristles, and every bristle could be some Brush Tip (now it is
> pixel or anti-aliased pixel)

Eeek... Would even a very advanced user understand that?

> Just a note to why it is good to be able to hide spacing :)
> Solution for the future:
> QPainterPath based type KisBrush for circle, rectangle, random shape - can
> be used by any brush engine as it is brush type footprint
> I don't know what to do with Pixel and Anti-aliased pixel (Wu particle) and
> QImage in the Spray shape dialog

Just keep them apart. Maybe in a separate tab that we can add to the brush tip 
option sheet?

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