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JL VT pentalis at
Thu Jun 17 19:52:20 CEST 2010

>> Besides, I'm currently studying intellectual property in my
>> university, so my question is more about the modus operandi of
>> Krita/KOffice specifically than about a more general, theoretical
>> reason; because if it were so, I'd give my own input on what the
>> policy for copyright notices could be  :-)
> In Argentina :) I don't think you are learning about copyright law in every
> country ;p

We're learning on Intellectual Property in the general sense
(Industrial Property, Copyright) and internationally (international
treaties, conventions, international case studies), as well as
specifically to our country (Chilean case studies, laws). In many
cases, when jurisdiction varies wildly between countries,
international treaties are used as a basis for arbitrations or
international trials; likewise, even national laws are mostly based on
treaties in many countries (I know that's true for ours).  Our
copyright laws are derived from yours (South America from Europe),
while the USA is a whole different thing (there's no moral rights,
etc). Nevertheless, copyright laws don't vary that much --luckily--
compared to industrial property laws (i.e.: Patents), that's why I
think a methodically built policy can be made.

Besides, any policy is more useful than a tacit policy!. Even if it's
bad, it serves the purpose of being attacked, thus getting people to
say what they think  :-)

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