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> So I'm starting this discussion to point out what can be done, what is
>  slow, how you see the problem?

We should first fix the hot spots in the links you mention. That's for after 
2.1. Cyrille hinted that he knew why the opengtl-based colorspaces are pretty 
slow, and those are important since they deliver the linear, hdr colorspace 
that Ton asked about.

For the rest, it's profiling, profiling, profiling, with oprofile, valgrind 
and mutrace.

> What I, as the paintop creator, see, is that many things are slow with CPU,
> even with dual cores. I created small OpenGL app that uses QtOpenGl to
>  paint and that is just real-time painting with big brushes that can be
>  scaled realtime etc. (Just with RGB8 colorspace of course) but I see this
>  as big opportunity for Krita. Use GLSL where it is possible and here we
>  could really speed-up Krita.

Is that in svn or on gitorious somewhere? I'm not opposed on principle to 
using opengl in more places -- we might even have an opengl textures backed 
paint device, if that is useful. As long as Krita remains usable for me :-)

> Regarding GUI I'm offering help to shicmap, she can design, I can code.

Have you already seen the original design on the wiki? Shicmap told me she 
will be very busy for some time.

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