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Mon Mar 23 13:35:42 CET 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Aca Markovic wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> My name iz Aleksandar, and I'm CS student at Belgrade University.

Hi Aleksandar, good to see that you've made it over here to our mailing list!

> As my GSoC project I would like to take " Sketch-pad interface for Krita ".
> Few years ago, my little sister didn't like any of the paint programs she
> came across, so I've done a small paint in Java for her.
> The mini-paint I implemented had the following features:
> - free-hand drawing with a pencil and differently shaped brushes (square and
> circle of different sizes)
> - free-hand eraser of similar shapes and sizes
> - drawing of circles, ellipses (separate!  not irritating like in MS paint -
> always an ellipse), squares, rectangles (also separately)
> - drawing of polygons, with an option to close an open polygon, and also an
> option to move a point of the polygon
> Having that experience in mind, and my C++ skills, I have a good idea how I
> would implement something similar in Krita.

The sketch-pad idea, however, is less about implementing new tools and brush
engines -- Krita already contains these -- but about creating a specialized
user interface for Krita, on top of the existing code and plugins. Something
more like Art Rage or MyPaint -- an interface specialized for, mainly, freehand

> I would like to get in contact with possible mentor to discuss details of
> implementation and all  features that are needed.

We don't assign mentors to projects before the selection process is done; all
applications are collected 

> Thanks ahead,
> Aca

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