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Well, i can't join your conversation fully right now. But there are some my

1) We won't prevent two write iterators from writing to different lines with
exclusive access if we make a good recursive(!) read-write lock with
relocking for different type of access ability. It'll create quite a big
overhead, but it'll work.

2) I think we need locking in general. And we shouldn't (or can't) leave it
to the upper level. Example: deform-brush case. I don't know how it happened
exactly (didn't have time yet to investigate properly), but merging and
previewing was started in parallel with brush working. I think it's logical,
that merging should wait until a brush finishes it's work. Or we could allow
it to show half-done work? I think this is main question of our discussion.
We don't have any concurrency between painting tools (at least now), all
races happen while previewing. If we allowed layer-updater thread to show
user half-done work, the system would be much simplier.
In such a case we'd need write-locks only.

3) At the moment, i think the best variant is (if we decide to do locking at
- Leave exclusive locks.
- Introduce a rule, that one thread won't have more than one read and one
write iterator simultaneously.
- Rewrite iterators (i planned it already, but i planned to do it after
mipmapping) is such a way, that it releases ALL cached tiles when goes to
sleep. In such a case we lower deadlock probability, but we don't solve the
problem itself, because a thread still can have locked tiles on entering the
sleep. It can be solved by joining together read and write iterators (or
their caches, or even more - per thread storage of locked tiles cache), but
there are some issues, e.g. we can't unlock a tile that we were writing to
if we can't get an access to some other tile for read. If we do - it'll be
an equivalent to no locking at all.

4) Locking with QRect.
If a tool would lock entire rect it needs before starting work - it would be
great! It would solve deadlock problem completely - as "Circular
wait<>condition" would be
removed. But in such a case we should rewrite entire
Krita codebase, shouldn't we?

Btw, locking rects would improve caching too. It could be based on rect
iterators... Just add random and line accessing abilities to
KisRectIterator... I like this idea... But it's too expensive...


On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 6:16 PM, C. Boemann <cbr at> wrote:

> [15:55] <boemann> boud: you know, if we make write access exclusive we
> also prevent two write iterators on say different lines from working
> [15:56] <boemann> as access is per tile and not per pixel
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> peer)).
> [15:56] <boemann> that might break some algorithms
> [15:56] <boud> yes, indeed
> [15:57] <boemann> on the other hand two tiles accessing the same tiles
> shouldn't be allowed from a more top down perspective
> [15:57] <boud> better put that in a mail so dmitry sees it too
> [15:57] <boemann> i've told him before
> [15:57] --> fyanardi has joined this channel (n=edi at
> [15:58] <boud> not sure what you mwith two tiles accessing the same tiles
> [15:58] <boemann> two iterators
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> [15:58] <boemann> now threads
> [15:58] <boemann> sorry
> [15:58] <boemann> on the other hand two threads accessing the same tiles
> shouldn't be allowed from a more top down perspective
> [15:59] <boud> yes
> [15:59] <boud> so two iterators in the same thread shouldn't be a problem
> [15:59] <boemann> i think that must be up to the algorithm writer
> [16:00] <boemann> but the example of drying filer  together with user
> painting is a problem because there it isn't easy to tell the user not to
> draw
> [16:01] <boemann> on the other hand we don't want the drying filter to lock
> everything
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> [16:02] <boemann> so for cases where multiple operations are taking place
> at the same time we do need some kind of locking
> [16:02] <boemann> but we don't need it for cases where a single task is
> divided between threads
> [16:03] <boemann> and right now the only multiple operation usecase i can
> come up with is drying+user painting
> [16:04] <boud> yes... recomposition only needs read access and can wait
> until the user is done painting on a tile.
> [16:04] <boemann> yes
> [16:05] <boemann> i think that maybe if we in the future needs multiple
> operation locking we should then come up with another api
> [16:05] <boemann> something on top of the timemanager
> [16:05] <boemann> tile
> [16:06] <boemann> like a way to say: hey i'm locking this qrect for a while
> [16:06] <boud> yes
> [16:06] <boud> although that is more or less what you get when you lock a
> tile :-)
> [16:07] <boemann> true but we have just established that we can't in
> general lock tiles
> [16:07] <boemann> besides locking tiles adds overhead for no good reason
> in general
> [16:08] <boemann> only trouble with a new api is that current tools don't
> know about it and would probably need to be modified
> [16:08] <boemann> for that reason doing it in the tilemanager would be nice
> [16:09] <boud> besides, we don't want to bother filter or paintop writers
> with
> explicit locking or unlocking
> [16:09] <boemann> right
> [16:09] <boemann> idea:
> [16:10] <boemann> what if we provide a method:
> paintdev::setLockOtherUsers(bool)
> [16:11] <boemann> that would signal the taskmanager that tile access by
> this thread is exclusive
> [16:11] <boemann> other users of the paintdev would be locked out of the
> tile whenever the exclluve tile has a lock on it
> [16:11] <boemann> but in general tiles are not locked
> [16:12] <boemann> this exclusiveness can then be used by drying filter like
> stuff
> [16:12] <boud> I'm not sure I like that idea
> [16:12] <boemann> why
> [16:13] <boud> well, I might not get it, but I think it's too explicit
> [16:13] --> DetroitLibertyPe has joined this channel
> (n=Parrot_T at
> [16:13] <boud> and we would have to mutex around the getter for that paint
> device
> [16:13] <-- DetroitLibertyPe has left this channel.
> [16:13] <boud> I'm not sure I've got the real requirements clear, though
> [16:13] <boemann> we would have to do that with any locking mechanism
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