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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Tue Jul 7 09:36:31 CEST 2009

On Monday 06 July 2009, Sven Langkamp wrote:
> Yeah, I meant the preset preview. It currently has the problem that lots of
> brushes can't show a useful preview.
> Some brushes aren't suitable especially the bigger ones and paintops like
> deform are totally different. We will probably need special cases for some
> of the more special paintops.

That's possible -- we could for some paintops paint the preview on top of a 
gradient. That would help with the eraser or the deform paintop. Maybe we can 
do an automatic check on the footprint of the preview painting, and then scale 

> Maybe the artists can make some mockups how each paintop should look like?

That won't work: you cannot create fixed previews for presets, it is meant as 
a dynamic preview that really shows the effect of the options you tweak. I'm 
not sure how photoshop manages, but I'm aiming at the same effect here.

> Have a look. The design of other apps is no excuse ;)

Which paintop is that? I don't seem to be able to find any paintop with a 
"Main" tab in my krita. A much bigger issue than nested tabs is that the popup 
doesn't popup completely inside my screen on the first click, only on the 
second click. I notice there are some other layout issues in other paintops, 
like deform, too.

My biggest problem with Krita 2.1 isn't any of these things, though, it's that 
it still starts at twice my screen height!

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