fake miniature filter

Moritz Moeller realritz at virtualritz.com
Sun Jan 11 17:54:20 CET 2009

Lukast dev schrieb:
> I do this to achieve the result which is quite a similar:
> 1. Open Image
> 2. Copy that layer
> 3. Blur the image with gaussian blur (let's take value 30 )
> 4. Add layer mask to blur layer layer (white - as full opacity)
> 5. Use gradient tool to make some gradient as needed
> 6. Tadaa
> Is it that?

No, because the blur radius is constant. To get a good result you need 
to have varying blur radius.

That was exactly my point abut being able to drive filter parameters 
themseves with other layers or layer masks. Just blending a filtered 
with an unfiltered version of the image doesn't suffice and it is stuff 
that is possible in e.g. Photoshop since 20 years. It also always looks 
crap (imho). :)


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