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Sun Jan 11 17:21:36 CET 2009

I do this to achieve the result which is quite a similar:
1. Open Image
2. Copy that layer
3. Blur the image with gaussian blur (let's take value 30 )
4. Add layer mask to blur layer layer (white - as full opacity)
5. Use gradient tool to make some gradient as needed
6. Tadaa

Is it that?
My result in attachment

2009/1/11 Moritz Moeller <realritz at virtualritz.com>

> Boudewijn,
> > That's basically what a bumpmap filter in Krita or Gimp does, isn't it?
> Take a
> > layer (or mask, both are nodes) and use it to determine modifications in
> > another layer or mask. I think I already finished porting the bumpmap
> filter
> > this summer, so there's an example ready for anyone who wants to
> implement
> > such a filter.
> I guess my comment was more meant along the lines of: this should be
> available on a lower level and the developer of a filter not have to
> care about it much.
> Basically, the developer should choose, for each parameter their filter
> exposes, if the parameter is constant or varying.
> In the latter case, the filter needs to call a function to obtain the
> resp. local value of a parameter, at each position filtered.
> Where this value comes from, ultimately, the developer does not need to
> know. This is managed by the application elsewhere.
> In a good system such a parameter query function would be overloaded to
> support feeding just the parameter's name/id, optionally position,
> optionally four positions (returns a filtered value of the parameter
> over that area) and optionally a filter type (uses that filter to filter
> the value).
> See the texture() shadeop in the RenderMan shading language.
> Then there should be functions to get derivatives of the parameter in x
> & y direction (see the du() dv() functions and the dPdu and dPdv
> variables in the RenderMan shading language).
> For bump mapping you probably needed to calculate a lot of this yourself
> already. It would be good to expose this in a high level API.
> I certainly dunno how much work the current API requires to be that
> "high level".
> If that stuff is already supported, ignore my comment. :)
> Beers,
> Moritz
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