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I have been discussing with Casper how we should fix the transform tool,
Since we changed the selection system in 2.0, the tool doesn't work on with
In 1.6 it worked like this: If nothing was selected the transform tool
worked on the whole layer. If something was selected content and the
selection was transformed.
In both cases the transformed output was put back into the layer.

For 2.0 Casper proposed to put the output into a new layer. So once you
change the selection a new layer will be created on which the transformation
is done.
This leaves a few issues for me:

What should be done with the selection? There might be a global or local
selection on the source layer.
In the case that the source layer has a local selection, the transformed
selection should become a local selection of the new layer.The selection of
the source layer should be deselected.
If there is a global selection it become tricky. We could add the
transformed global selection as a local selection and deselect the global
selection, but the user might not know how local selections work. Also local
selections are only show if the layer with it is active, so the selection
could get lost from the user point of view. The other possibility is to
transform the global selection in place.

While the tranform tool work, the user can't change the target
layer/selection. So either the target layer/selection would need to be
locked or the transformation is aborted if some other operation is done.
In the first case the layer needs to be locked by the tool until the
transformation is finished or the tool switched (not unlockable by the
user). The second way was done in 1.6. the transformation was finished once
another command was added to the undo stack (needs changes of the current
undo system), but I'm not sure how stable that would be or if it works with
all commands e.g. transactions.

As we are near the release implementing the new behaviour might too
intrusive or break the feature freeze, this might be skiped to 2.1. So we
could either ship the current state, exclude the transform tool from the
release or restore the behavior from 1.6 which should be rather easy.

What do you think?

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