bug bug bug (pop up palette)

Vera Lukman vla24 at sfu.ca
Tue Dec 1 10:30:31 CET 2009

>>    1. How to set offset point in case the window is not positioned on
>> top left? To produce the bug:
> You can use mapToGlobal:
> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.5/qwidget.html#mapToGlobal

I might did something wrong. I tried to use mapToGlobal but it didn't
work. It seems to map to global with respect to the main window. So
it's not helpful.

>>    2. Pop up palette does not show up. To produce the bug:
>>        - start a canvas and another new canvas, close the older canvas.
>>        Seems like creating a new canvas/file doesn't create a new pop
>> up palette. How can I detect/fix this?
> where is the popup palette created at the moment ?

It's created in KoFavoriteResourceManager
(ui/ko_favorite_resource_manager.cpp). KoFavoriteResourceManager is
created in KisView2 line 772, called by KisControlFrame line 119.

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