Popslide idea

Valerie valerie_vk at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 14:10:21 CET 2008

> Regarding the locking of the y axis: it doesn't matter because 
> you do need to use the shoulder joint to travel equal distance in x. 

Um, no you don't. Especially not for sure small movements, I can
move that slider using nothing but my wrist, and I don't need
a study to prove it. Unless you mean that people want to move
the slider at a constant speed to obtain predictable values. 
People don't work that way though, they move their wrist until
the slider stops on the value they see they want.

If you have those people manipulating horizontal vs vertical 
sliders where the horizontal one is constrained,
the results could be quite different, since the horizontal
movements no longer depends on the shoulder joint (I assure
you that I Don't move my shoulder. I often rest my elbow on
the table, in fact).

Also, for This interface, a horizontal slider is better because
the initial position of the slider appears right under your
mouse. You can't do that with vertical sliders, as it could go
off to the top of your screen.

By the way, speaking of sliders, will the radius slider be
logarithmic? I hope so, because precision is more important
at smaller values than bigger ones. It's a pain to manually
adjust the radius value just because I want a fine 0.5 pixel
brush, but if said brush changed in 0.1 value intervals,
I'd be pretty annoyed too, especially if I use shortcuts too
(speaking of shortcuts, will the shortcuts for modifying
brush radius be logarithmic as well? I hope so, because when
tracing lineart, you often need very fine brushes, so...)

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