Popslide idea

Moritz Moeller mnm at dneg.com
Tue Mar 25 12:14:02 CET 2008

Valerie wrote:
> Instead, check out this proposal in Inkscape by Anthony Walter!
> http://www.codebot.org/popslide.jpg

One comment: imho this should be a vertical pop-slider.

It is much easier to move the mouse or a pen precisely vertical than it 
is to do so horizontal.
This has to do with the degrees of freedom that joints in the hand and 
arm have in each direction.
It requires movement of the entire arm up to the shoulder joint to move 
the mouse on a horizontal line at all. The hand joint just allows for 
arc movements. I.e. if just the the wrist joint is used then the father 
away from the original position the mouse if moved, the more of a 
vertical one the movement becomes.
The next joint that has a degree of freedom to aid a precise horizontal 
movement is unfortunately the shoulder joint. Most finger joints, too, 
only have a one degree of freedom except at each finger's root joint but 
few people actually can shear all their fingers at one to make use of 
this with a mouse (and the angle is very small in that direction in any 
For the vertical direction, however, the wrist- and all joints of all 
fingers who are on the mouse allow for precise movement on an straight 
line; without much effort.


P.S.: for a Really Awesome Pop Slider[tm], look at Houdini's 'Value Grids'

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