Yet another brush interface proposal

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Mar 24 17:11:03 CET 2008

Valerie wrote:
> Please also note: all my examples apply merely to the options of 
> the so-called "generic" brush. Natural brushes have completely
> different options, except I have no idea what said options are, so
> haven't made any examples out of them. If someone can provide me
> with all the parameters of a natural brush algorithm, I could always
> try to think something up.

Er... why? I still think the "brush" and "paint" should be separated... 
so, all the color jitters and color fades would apply to some sorts of 
"paint", regardless of the brush, and all the size/position/etc jitters 
would apply to some types of "brush", regardless of the paint.

Which also simplifies the UI by separating the brush from the paint, 
reducing the number of controls you need to cram into a single dialog.

That said, I'd like it if the "paint" received as input at least three 
parameters; "distance" along the stroke, angle of the stroke, and an 
arbitrary parameter. (The last would correspond to the brush index for 
multi-digital-brush, the bristle for natural brushes, etc. Probably an 
ever-cycling parameter would be used for the droplet for the natural 
airbrush tool. And so forth...) I have a certain clever idea I'd like to 
see in Krita eventually that would need this (has to do with painting 
hair)... At any rate, natural brushes pretty well need the last, and 
most fade effects need the first, so only the stroke angle is "weird".

Actually, I think this relates to:
> Notice the "map to stroke" option. Until Krita manages to do
> real-time calculations and estimates of strokes, it could only
> work with bezier stroke, and will automatically switch to it
> accordingly.

Btw, I'll also vote for "drawers" over "folders"... a folder is 
something I would put artworks in, but not brushes or paints :-).

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