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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Mar 20 22:25:49 CET 2008

Valerie wrote:
> That said, here's an alternate point of view, an interface proposal
> from someone who has no idea how the underlying algorithmics work:
> [snip]

...this would be where I repeat my suggestion that "paint" depositing 
and "paint" action should be independent. IOW, instead of having a 
"chinese brush" tool that paints ink with a bristled brush, you have a 
bristled brush, and an ink "paint". Now you can draw/paint "ink", 
"charcoal", "tempera", "digital paint", etc with any of a "bristled 
brush", "airbrush", "palette knife", "felt tip", "digital brush", 
"pixmap brush", etc. (and much more code re-use happens).

Of course, there is a lot more variety in "brushes" than "paints", since 
the latter are reasonably well-defined by a set of physical parameters 
(viscosity, wetness, the extent to which they mix, etc).

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