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Cyrille Berger cberger at
Thu Mar 20 14:05:46 CET 2008

On Tuesday 18 March 2008, Valerie wrote:
> > But, when we listed the things that needed to be done, it came out
> > that it is a huge undertaking. Especially that XMLGUI, the library
> > that manage Krita's menu and toolbar is rather inflexible, at some
> > point of KDE4, a replacement (liveui ?) might appear that solves
> > that issue.
> I'm not surprised. Architectural-level changes are always the
> most tricky ones (see: Gimp and GEGL). And I do see how it
> could be risky to have someone inexperienced tampering with
> architectural-level code. I was Hoping that on the short term,
> there might be an easy solution (if possibly code-wasteful) where
> users can save several versions of the top-level interface, since
> the settings can already be saved, and chose which to start with
> upon start-up. This would just be for starters. I guess it was
> too wishful thinking though.

It's probably not the hardest part.

> Is it possible for the Krita developers to contact the people in
> charge of Liveui to see if they could implement this possibility?
I talk with some one else, and in fact it looks like LiveUI is dead. But that 
the current library offers almost everything for this.  The most important 
missing part is a menu editor, and the selection of parameters which is a 
little bit tricky too.

Well if anyone wants to do a GSoC on the subject, we can discuss a reasonable 

> Speaking of sketching, any plans on *ahem* "borrowing" the
> calligraphy code from Inkscape? That happens to be some seriously
> nice code, especially with the dynamic options and the smoothing
> options (via "weight", that actually works darn well to produce
> smooth lines).
About the smooth, we have for krita 2.0, an option for smoothing drawing. 
Compared to inkscape smoothing, the results looks less smooth, but more 
accurate. It's a trade-off that can be configure.

Cyrille Berger

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