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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Mar 17 14:03:33 CET 2008

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Valerie wrote:

> Between the photo editor based on Krita and the quick sketch
> interface based on Krita, don't both of these sound like 
> options that would do well with the workscape proposal I had
> made? Maybe people see now why I had proposed it in the first
> place?

Yeah, we arrived at that conclusion, too. But a good workspace project
is a really big undertaking, not something a new student could do. And
I really need that sketchpad for my own use :-)

> I'd actually not be pro- a stand-alone sketching program, the
> simple reason being that people have Many different ways of
> sketching in a picture:
> - some like to go freehand
> - some like to use path tools for smoother lines
> - I'm wishing for the option of using a tablet, while lines
> are constrained along a path, so that I can get both smooth
> and line variations
> - some wish to go for a "rough" sketch effect, and would thus
> probably want to use Krita's future painting tools (Chinese 
> brush etc)
> - and while some scan in lineart, others prefer to sketch
> digitally First, then trace That (or sketch digitally, print
> out, trace in pencil then ink then scan it back in)
> - did I mention that some people don't just sketch lineart?

This project has been defined by me as being the thing that I need most :-)
If someone would take it up, there would be tangible benefits for Krita:
we would have experience with experimental user interfaces, we would
have a good pencil simulation paintop engine and we would know how well
our libraries would work for different kinds of applications.

But the sketchpad app is for me and my X61t -- whenever I want to doodle
with pencils on my tablet. (This isn't just being egotistical: it's about
focussing on something simple and direct, instead of generic and flexible,
somethign with which we, as a Krita team, don't have that much experience.

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