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Valerie valerie_vk at
Mon Mar 17 13:26:08 CET 2008

Between the photo editor based on Krita and the quick sketch
interface based on Krita, don't both of these sound like 
options that would do well with the workscape proposal I had
made? Maybe people see now why I had proposed it in the first

Upon starting Krita, users would be faced with a few buttons:
- photo editing
- sketch
- paint
- general

And depending on which one is selected, the relevant plugins
and interface settings are loaded.

I'd actually not be pro- a stand-alone sketching program, the
simple reason being that people have Many different ways of
sketching in a picture:
- some like to go freehand
- some like to use path tools for smoother lines
- I'm wishing for the option of using a tablet, while lines
are constrained along a path, so that I can get both smooth
and line variations
- some wish to go for a "rough" sketch effect, and would thus
probably want to use Krita's future painting tools (Chinese 
brush etc)
- and while some scan in lineart, others prefer to sketch
digitally First, then trace That (or sketch digitally, print
out, trace in pencil then ink then scan it back in)
- did I mention that some people don't just sketch lineart?

So while a sketch workspace is fine (that offers you most basic
sketching tools while giving you the option of hiding those
you don't need), having all the other tools handy (thus, having
the rest of Krita handy, just not necessarily on the top-level
interface) could be useful. The other advantage of having the 
rest of Krita handy within a workspace setting is that users
can easily find other functions they need and readjust the 
interface to their own needs.

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