Status update

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Mar 12 20:52:48 CET 2008

Some things started working again recently:

* Painting works again, but is not multi-threaded at the moment. (This gives 
quite a big problem with responsiveness in the filter dialog, because that 
tries to update all of the canvas on every change in every property widget.)

* The layerbox is in a good shape again thanks to Cyrille.

* We've still got a huge number of regressions and unfinished features, too 
many to list, in fact. Enough that I cannot even think of where I should 
begin fixing things.

* Local selections have arrived, thanks to Sven: I had already implemented 
global selections, but I'm not sure whether the interaction between the two 
is done yet.

* The color mixer is back, but doesn't quite mix yet. But the color mixes are 
better than ever.

* We've got at least one really serious gsoc candidate, Lukas Tvrdy, who is 
eager to take on the Chinese Brush proposal. He's serious enough to have 
already managed to compile Krita2 :-).

* Pavitran and his bunch of students have managed to build Krita2 
( and are 
looking into reusing the Krita libraries to build a simple photo editor.

* Dreadknight and Marcel Kaeming have volunteered to work on the 
website. They have chosen Drupal as a cms, and I've asked Aaron Schradin 
about getting that installed. There were, in fact, more volunteers, and DK 
and MK might also get help from Piers Duruz. I've asked them to contact 
Valerie for her content proposal.

I feel that by disabling quite a number of features, even features we had in 
1.6, we might still be able to get Krita in a good enough shape for a release 
with KOffice 2.0, especially given that KOffice 2.0 doesn't look too solid 
itself, not even the subset of KPresenter, KPlato, KChart, KPresnter and 

Boudewijn Rempt

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