All over again - Painterly Paint Operator (or Operation :) ?) and Mixer

Emanuele Tamponi emanuele at
Tue Mar 11 19:39:31 CET 2008

Il Tuesday 11 March 2008 19:05:48 Cyrille Berger ha scritto:
> That parts need a little bit thinking. How do you plan on using the
> "shape", basically, what do you need in the API of KisBrush for your work ?
> Currently, KisBrush works by taking as argument the color (either a KoColor
> or a KisPaintDevice), some transformation (rotation + scale), then change
> the alpha channel of the KisPaintDevice and provide a dab that is then
> stamped on the canvas. I am not sure if it is a good solution for you ? (of
> course, the API can offer others solutions ;) )

This is how it's currently, and it's good. But I think that KisBrush can be 
expanded (subclassed?) so that it takes not only the transformation 
parameters, but also the pressure and the "tip type". Then the subclass of 
KisBrush will do its calculation to find the footprint of the brush (the 
dab). This subclass of KisBrush could even not know anything about the color, 
that will be "applied" over the footprint by the paintop. Obviously this is 
completely optional, and we can leave as default behavior of KisBrush the 
addition of color in the dab.

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