Krita Workspace Proposal + Mock-ups

Valerie valerie_vk at
Tue Jan 8 10:21:05 CET 2008

> That should be doable, 

Of course! I wouldn't be proposing it otherwise. :) Krita
is very configurable as is, which is the important first step
(though... I have a few proposals to make the interface even
more configurable...)

Initial workspace concepts can be simple, and more features be 
added as things progress. The thing is that a workspace is not 
just the GUI settings: it's also what resources (brushes, 
templates etc) go with them. :P

> and it could be interesting to have koffice-wide, too. 
> Like a "nanowrimo workspace" and an "angry-letter" workspace 
> in KWord.

I have no idea how workspaces could be used in a word processor. XD
Shouldn't templates do the work for most of the tasks?
A "text" workspace vs a "coding" workspace or the likes could
work though (actually, I have no idea what nanowrimo means...)

I wouldn't mind workspaces in vector programs though, for 
Illustration, Icon design and Graphs. There are subtle differences 
in settings (such as whether to maintain stroke width or not, 
and snapping) that are annoying to re-tweak each time.

> I've always wanted a toolbox metaphor for brushes -- like in 
>'s applications, but with drawers for 
> brushes, for pencils and so on.

Drawers eh? Why not? Actually, my proposal is simply to have a 
special type of toolbar where you can click a button and get the

Load Brush > Folder >
Load Folder >

This way, you can load a whole folder of presets at a time, and 
nest it to the left (or anywhere else) as though they were "normal" 
tools. In an "advanced" workspace system, for say... a watercolor 
workspace, the menu would look more like this:

Watercolor Fine Set 
Watercolor Rough Set
Watercolor (whatever) Set
Load other folder >

This isn't needed yet, but could one day be useful (maybe several
years from now) when a user has not just over a hundred hundred
brushes, but several dozen folders too (it's the little things
that make life easier. I know I Hate scrolling through several
dozen fonts at a time, for example, especially when I only use
a few at a time).

I know it may sound like overkill to give a user the option of
having so many folders, but it allows new users to try out different

Aww... no autopackages yet. Eeek though, good luck on all the extra
work. How do you manage to work on so many things at a time?

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