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Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Feb 22 01:21:25 CET 2008

Cyrille Berger wrote:
> On Thursday 21 February 2008, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> That brings up another idea; an "adjustment layer" that clones a spot in
>> the render pipeline. So, for example, you would have an image made up of
>> however many layers, plus two gradient maps of different channels
>> blended in some way, like this:
>> { [ 2] [clone of SPOT] } <blend op>
>> { [ 1] }
>> --> SPOT <--
>> { ... }
>> (Does that make sense?)
> Not at all :/ What do you mean by spot ? (when I see that I think of color 
> spot in the printing industry, but I guess I am completely wrong).

It's just a label, meaning that '[clone of SPOT]' is a copy of the
render pipeline at '--> SPOT <--' (or more specifically, a clone of all
of '{ ... }').

I tried to send an example (~16 kb) but the mailer appears to have 
bounced it; I can send it to you personally if you like.

Basically, I had a file like this:

[Layer 12 (clone of blended Layer 4)] <Hue 100%>
[<Invert>] <100%>
[Layer 4] <Divide 100%>
[Layer 3] <Darken 100%>
[Layer 2] <Normal 100%>
[Layer 1]

So, changes made in or below Layer 4 would show up in Layer 12, i.e. the 
result after Layer 12 is an invert of everything through Layer 4, but 
with the hue before the invert.

So the pipe looks like this:
- Layer 1 raw data (no blend on first layer?)
- Layer 2 data normal-blend with current result
- Layer 3 data darken-blend with current result
- Layer 4 data divide-blend with current result
- CLONE = copy of current result
- invert current result
- CLONE data hue-blend with current result

This would always be a clone of the render pipe, along with whatever 
caveats that may imply (for example, I would guess a clone withing a 
layer group only clones whatever is in the group up to that point, and 
not anything below but outside the group).

Btw, how does one do a "Copy Merged"? I had to flatten layers and undo...

EPUN: program terminated due to egregious wordplay

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