Krita user community?

Kristjan Siimson kristjan.siimson at
Tue Feb 19 21:33:58 CET 2008

Sorry, developers, for posting in your mailing list, but this was the only
place I could find to contact somebody who knows anything about Krita. I
have some questions about it, but there is basically no information out
there except the handbook which is not what I was looking for. So, is there
some kind of community forum to ask (and answer) questions at?

Since I am already posting here, I also add the questions I had in mind:
* Is there a shortcut for duplicate layer (instead of copy-paste)?
* Is there a quick way to set up colour gradients (instead of opening up new
dialogs to do that)?
* Is there some way to produce anything similar to what is called "Render
Clouds" in some other graphic applications (very useful for creating a
variety of effects)?
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