Brush spacing / rotate / scale

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Nov 15 19:22:00 CET 2007

Valerie VK wrote:
> Though... I'm not sure if the above are the best implementations of 
> this feature. XD I don't have much experience in attempting to 
> combine raster and vectors. Matthew, since you started this, what 
> is your own input on this?

Is it the "best"? I don't know :-). It sounds better than what is in 
GIMP or the version of PS I have, though, and since right now Krita 
seems to be lagging behind here...

I like the idea of using something simple (i.e. 'spacebar') to 
stroke/fill though, it does sound like it could be very useful. (I have 
mentioned that "fill" should also be an option, right? :-) GIMP is 
missing this also; for now, out of Krita, GIMP and PS, only PS does it.)

For the record, the way I would generally use paths is for lines that I 
need to be very well-defined, smooth, etc (think cel animation, or 
penned drawings), so rubber-stamp-style reuse is rare, but there is a 
very strong desire to save the original paths and be able to modify them 
if something isn't working.

In my experience, paths are 'global objects' that do not live in the 
layer hierarchy (then again, same goes for selections, and I understand 
Krita is doing something... different there as well). Without having 
played, I can't comment which is better, though as long as paths can be 
moved around, I wouldn't expect problems.

To take this in Yet Another Direction, are there any thoughts about 
reading paths and vector masks from PSD's?

If you can read this, you're too close.

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