Brush spacing / rotate / scale

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Nov 13 17:52:15 CET 2007

Valerie VK wrote:
> Since Krita has line tool, it doesn't need to take up the Shift 
> key for straight lines like with Gimp. So how about assigning it 
> to this? It is "smoother" in terms of resizing than pressing a 
> key several times.

Line drawing (and more frequently, H/V constraint) with 'shift' is one 
PS feature I find very useful, that Krita doesn't have :-(.


I'm used to spacing being per-brush; this is particularly useful when 
creating "effect" brushes (especially combined with size/position jitter).

> Still, the general idea is that within the brush editor, the brush 
> is treated like an object (vector?) with a box around it so you can 
> modify it in real time.

For elliptical brushes, I don't think your illustration works well. 
Usually you have three handles; angle, major radius, minor radius. I've 
never heard of skewing an elliptical brush; I'm not convinced even 
bitmap brushes (hmm, svg brushes? ;-) ) would need to be skewed.

Btw, at some point we are going to have multi-bristle brushes ala 
Painter, right? :-) And airbrushes with particle size, proper 
scatter/density ("conic sections" anyone?), etc...

> Basically, when drawing art, very precise numerical entries are 
> rarely needed.

Huh, for you maybe, I personally like having them (maybe just because I 
am bothered by drawing with a 5.1523241 px radius brush ;-) ), but 
hiding them in a collapsing section is fine.

Me: wtf?? "#warning This is temporary since Dec 2000". Seven-year 
"temporary" code?
Mathieu Chouinard: Sounds like the correct definition of temporary :)

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