KOffice Creativity Package name

Valerie VK valerie_vk at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 07:47:56 CET 2007

> As I said the word "office" is repealing to most artists with who we
> have 
> discussed this issue. The word "office" is associated to the place where
> white collars spend their days, while artists tends to believe their
> work to 
> be of a different nature and to happen in a "workshop" (or "studio" 
> or "atelier").

Wait a moment... this is a perfect name! The KAtelier or KStudio Suite!

In past discussions, you had all brought up the fact that using
"Creativity" may get Adobe to consider that Krita is copying them. 

KStudio sounds nice. Does any other major illustration package use Studio
in it?

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