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I have got a user question but could not find a user ml. Thus, I am 
writing this question to the dev mailinglist.

I use Krita 1.6.3 (from Debian Testing) and want to use the color
managment. I have several photos I have shooten in the jpeg format. I 
have found a print service that provides a icc file[1], so I could do 
soft proofs on my monitor. In the preferences of Krita I can choose  
the profile for the monitor an the printer (sorry for the german locale 
but I guess it clear):

If I close the preferences and enter the preferences again, Krita has 
forgotten the printer:

Does this make sense to you? I don't get any error on the shell.

Using Digikam it seems to work:

Thanks for your help

[1] You can download the profile from
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